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Maurice Wilder was raised on a farm in central Illinois. In 1969 he took his entrepreneurial vision and established Wilder Corporation. Wilder Corporation is a diverse corporation and is a strong leader in the Agricultural Industry along with Commercial Real Estate and beautiful RV Resorts and Retirement Communities. His diverse portfolio includes companies located throughout the United States with his headquarters in beautiful Clearwater, FL.

Over the years he developed Wilder Farms Inc. consisting of several large farms throughout the U.S., each consisting of thousands of acres of land. To date his agricultural division consists of more then 110,000 acres and is an industry leader in the production of corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa by using the latest innovative farming practices. Maurice Wilder takes an active role in the agricultural production with its development along with conservation of the land through responsible agricultural practices.

Wilder Buffalo Ranch Wilder Farms is "Growing for the future" and is proud to be on the cutting-edge of development. Maurice Wilder works closely with various seed companies striving to accomplish his goals amidst a rapidly changing industry.

Sustainable yields is one of his utmost concern in the environment. Wilder Farms leadership in the agricultural industry in the area of conservation and technology can be seen not only by conventional tillage, but also by the means of strip tilling and one trip strip tilling with auto steer guidance; this helps to reduce waste and provides accuracy within a half an inch.

Wilder Farms is currently working with companies on the reduction of fertilizer and the ability to use other micronutrients to help develop a healthier plant and a higher quality crop. This will also boost production and lower input costs, all while helping to lessen the impact on the environment.

Wilder Farms strives to reach the ever growing demand for our future generations. Next on the horizon for Wilder Farms is the development of wind and natural gas throughout its properties.

Wilder Farms
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